2014 Dodge Dart is a Winning Sedan Model

Big news to report here today at Riverside Autoplex of Muskogee as one of our most popular and practical sedan models (that also happens to be incredibly sporty and fun to drive) was just reviewed online in an extensive new video from a very reputable automotive site. That model is the 2014 Dodge Dart, and we have the video here for you today.

So as you can clearly see, the 2014 Dodge Dart model is truly a winning combination of sporty performance, four-door practically, and a host of exciting features and style notes, all placed on one of the best constructed frames, built by Alpha Romeo, on the market today. And if you would like more information about the model here in the Muskogee, OK area, look no further than a test drive on the model here at Riverside Autoplex of Muskogeee.

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